Mission • Spirit • Community

Mission * Spirit * Community

Our ministries center around these themes: Mission * Spirit * Community

Our Church: Mission, Spirit, and Community

We are a mission church!  Mission is an integral part of what it means to be people of God, calling us to make a difference in the world in God's name.  "Making Christ Known" in the world has always been, and continues to be, a part of this community's identity.  Some mission-work is on-going, continuing from year to year, while others have specific endings.       

To do God's work in the world well, we must be able to discern the voice of God - to be able to distinguish God's voice from all the other voices in our lives.  "Spirit" calls us to learn to listen to, and act from, the Holy Center.  We practice listening to the Spirit in our worship, in our leadership teams, and in our ministry teams - through reading scripture, through prayer, through mutual conversation, and through our work and community as a people of God.

"Community" calls us to learn to live well among the people of God, to be a healthy community of faith, a place where not only are people respected as individuals, but taken seriously as people.    "Community" in Christ calls us to live in as healthy a manner as possible; to encourage each other faith, to address conflict and difference in love and respect, to be a people of grace in all we do.   Community also calls us to listen to God's voice together, and to do God's work in the world.  

Our various teams and groups work to include these three themes

Meet our teams:

Church Council - This is the team whose primary responsibility is leadership of the church

Education and Fellowship Team -  This team helps members and friends of the congregation to grow spiritually through classes, retreats, and discussion groups. The team arranges social events and other activities that promote opportunities for fellowship among community participants. Examples of this teams activities include Wine, Women, and Word, Sunday School, Adult Education, Confirmation, the Men's Gathering, and Youth Group activities.

Stewardship Team - The Stewardship team starts with the recognition that God has placed certain things into our care, to be Stewards of... in God's name.  this makes us responsible for those things... in God's name.   The Stewardship Team promotes the expression of our Christian faith in our daily living by teaching the responsible  use of all God's gifts.    

Property Team - This team has the responsibility for helping us all be good stewards of our church building and the property it's on.  We strive to keep our facility in good working order and keep the public face of our church beautiful and inviting.   

Worship and Arts Team - Musicians, the people who prepare the altar, those that create banners and other decorations, all come together to help create a space for worship that includes mind, body, heart, and spirit...  all this to help us grow in the Spirit!     

Wine, Women, and Word - This is a social/spiritual/study group for women.   Women of the congregation meet once a month to study the bible, share about life and faith.    

Men's Gathering - Men generally don't join groups to "navel gaze".  Generally men are more comfortable grilling stuff, hammering and sawing things, or watching sports.  This group treats men a little more seriously than that. They do not shy away from addressing areas in a mans life to help them become better men.      

Preparedness Club - To help us as a community prepare for natural disasters or weather related emergencies so we can not only help each other, but be more prepared to help our community in general. 

Youth Ministry - On Sunday mornings during our service for children who are old enough to be able to walk and engage with adults to age 7.  Children attend the first portion of the service through to the bible readings and Children's Sermon, then move to their Sunday School time, returning to the sanctuary for Communion again. Abiding Savior usually joins with another church to share in Confirmation classes as well as Youth Group activities.  This year although we have no Middle School Confirmation students, we are still joined with New Hope Lutheran Church (about 6 miles away) for Confirmation classes.  

Journey To Better Health - We also have a local community connection through a program with Howard County General Hospital called Journey To Better Health (J2BH).  Abiding Savior (and many other congregations) has partnered with J2BH to help create a healthier Columbia.

Here is just a brief idea of what this church has been involved with over the years:     
The Holy Land Ecumenical Foundation Children's Sponsorship Program  

Christian Women's Thrift Shop

Wounded Warriors Project

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)  

Grass Roots (Women's and Family Shelter)

Route 1 Day Center (for the homeless)

Prison Ministry - The Community of St. Dysmas

We also support orphanages in Liberia and Ghana

Sarah's House - This is a Emergency and Transitional Housing shelter administered under Catholic Charities