Christian Education

Abiding Savior many Christian Education series and events throughout the year. Instead of having a standing class time, we tend to have series that focus on rotating topics and the timings change so more people are able to attend throughout the year. If you would like to see a specific topic for discussion, please let us know!

Church Library

Pastor Lura is starting a small church library, for members and friends who like to enrich their faith in this way. Books that we have recently read in Christian Education can be found there, as well as books Pastor Lura has purchased for her own continuing education, that may be helpful to members. It is our hope that these books are returned when you are done with them, but we are not keeping track, and do not want that to stop you from borrowing them! This small collection of books is on the shelf under the bulletin board in the lobby.

Prior Series

Sermon talk back: (10/2021): Members have an opportunity to ask questions about the sermon, or express disagreement with points in it.

For All Who Hunger by Pr. Emily Scott: (9/2021) In her debut book, For All Who Hunger, Scott weaves stories and reflections from the life of her unlikely congregation, St. Lydia’s, in prose both beautiful and incisive. She explores how small acts of connection hold more power than we realize in a time when our differences are being weaponized, creating activism and justice work fueled by empathy and relationship.

Homelessness and Poverty: Jesus in our midst

This series will likely begin in January and February and will be coupled with a Love Bags service project. We will be working with North Ave Mission to learn more about homelessness, poverty, and being neighbors in community.

Close to Home Advent Series

When we revisit the stories and scriptures of the Advent season, many of them are personal and vulnerable—they are like memories we hold close to our chest. The story of baby Jesus, born in a manger, surrounded by strangers and shepherds, ushers in feelings of tenderness and nostalgia. In this season, we recall the wonder of a God who comes close and dwells with us.

But inevitably, this Advent season there will be much about our world and our lives that will be hitting us too close to home. Many will be missing loved ones lost to sickness and tragedy. The traumas of this ongoing pandemic will still be with us. Many will have lost their homes—due to natural disasters, economic hardship, war, and unjust policies. Many are not safe in their own homes due to poor living conditions or harmful family dynamics. Many feel alone and isolated at home. Some of our spiritual homes are changing as churches discern how to make good use of their physical buildings. This year, we hold this tension between promise and grief closely. Our Advent evenings will be Wednesdays December 1st, 8th, and 15th, at 6:30 pm, online. We will explore art and poetry around the theme of "Close to Home," as well as having members and friends sharing reflections about home.


Faith formation is very important to us! All children are invited to the "adult" class. For in-person gatherings, we meet in the nursery so, if they are young, they can play and if they are older, they can still play but can also participate in the discussion and learning. The noise and movement of kids are signs of life and hope to us--kids can behave like kids. Our children's sermon is an important part of our services and we try to meet kids where they are at, valuing their contributions. We generally try to make things inter-generational.